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Is Apple Killing You or Helping You? The fact will blow your mind

Probably, you have always believed that one apple per day keeps the doctor away. I believed that too! So what is the essence of this article? Have there been found some health risks of apple.

Unless you cultivate your apples, there are sure many health risks of apples. Even if you have your very own apple farm, there are still things you should know about this miracle fruit.

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Let me first tell you the history and fun facts of apple you might not be aware of

The forgotten apple history and fun facts

(health risks of apple) Apple tree with some apples
People were eating apple back in 6,500 B.C

Apple originated in the mountainous region of Kazakhstan. According to University of Illinois extension service, apples were consumed as far back as 6500 B.C

Various trade routes passed through these trees and apples were likely picked by hungry traders, who probably carried their seeds to plant on other locations.


It is natural for an apple seed to hybridize with other local species, producing thousands of different types of apple across Asia and Europe.


After quite a long period of time, the seeds made their way to other continents and countries.

Some European settlers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony were the first to plant apple in North America. Today the USA is the one major exporter of apple in the whole world

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Fun facts about apple

  • In 1730, an apple nursery was opened in Flushing, New York. That was the first in the US
  • There are 7,500 varieties of apple grown throughout the world and 2500 varieties in the USA
  • The worlds top apple producers are China, United States, Turkey, Poland, and Italy
  • Even though apples are grown in all the 50 states of the US, Washington state account for 60 percent
  • Apples are members of the rose family
  • The science of growing apple is called pomology.

The health risks of apple you don`t know about

Health risks of apple ( a hand holding apple)

Many are not aware of the health risks of apple. Maybe because no one is talking about it. This is why I`m taking it as a responsibility.

  1. Apple can damage your teeth

A study published in 2011 in the journal of dentistry found that eating apples could be more than four times more damaging to teeth than carbonated drinks.


Regarding that research, the lead researcher David Bartlett, head of prosthodontics at the Dental Institute at Kings College London said ” It is not only about apple, but about how we eat it”

Many people eat apple slowly, this increases the likelihood that the acid in the apple will damage their tooth enamel.

An apple a day is good, but taking all day to eat the apple can damage your teeth

David Bartlett

2. Pesticides on apple are dangerous

Unless the apples you take are certified organic, they will have pesticides on them.

The Environmental Working Group, a not for profit organization concluded in 2018 that 98 percent of all the apples on sale had pesticide residue on their peels.

Because most people don`t wash their apple well, pesticides on apples can pose a health risk.

Washing apples well and scrubbing the surface with fruit scrubber will help remove the pesticides. Don`t wash your apples with chemical rinses and other treatments for washing farm fresh produces because the food and drug administration has not evaluated the safety and effectiveness of those chemicals.

4. Apple seeds are poisonous

Amygdalin in apple seed can remove a powerful poison called cyanide when it comes into contact with digestive enzymes.

Whole seed can pass through the digestive enzyme untouched, but if chewed, you may be exposed to the toxin. Will chewing one or two apple seeds cause trouble for you? not really.

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Your body can handle small doses of cyanide. But what will happen if you swallow a lot of apple seeds? You should seek medical attention immediately. This may be especially important if the victim is a kid.

How many apple seeds are harmful? According to John Fry, a consultant in food science, about I milligram of cyanide per kilogram of body weight will kill an adult person.


Apple seeds contain about 700 mg (0.02 ounces) of cyanide per kilogram; so about 100grams (3.5 ounces) of apple seeds would be enough to kill a 70 kilogram (150 lbs) adult.


Apple has about eight seeds, so you would have to eat the seeds of 18 apples at a sitting to get a fatal dose. No one will do that! Or rather, not you.

What about eating apple in excess? As with any good food, eating too much apple can cause some health problems such as weight gain, damaged tooth enamel, etc.


As you have seen, there are some health risks to eating an apple. But should that deter you from amazing fruit? NO! Why not?

Because the health benefits outweigh the health risks. What are the health benefits of apple?

The amazing apple health benefits

Apples are loaded with vitamin c. The skins are full of insoluble fiber. This type of fiber helps the food move faster in the digestive system.

Here are the benefits of apple in a numbered list

  1. Apple aid digestion
  2. It helps prevent cholesterol from building up in the lining of blood vessels, which in turn prevents heart diseases
  3. It helps in lowering the risks of cardiovascular diseases.
  4. Apple can help lower the risks of asthma by controlling the release of free radicals in the airways.
  5. apple is a good antioxidant

The best way to eat your apple

HEALTH RISKS OF APPLE (green apples)
The health benefits of apple outweighs the health risks

Eat your apples before meals and always rinse your mouth with water after eating apple to save your teeth.

Don`t eat more than two apples daily. Always wash your apple thoroughly with water before eating.

It is actually better to eat two apple at a sitting than in two sittings.


Always avoid the health risks of apple and enjoy the health benefits of apple

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