Home Remedies For Fibroid. Cure without surgery


Using these home remedies for fibroid can help you get pregnant and nurse your own baby in no time!

Many often ask whether fibroid can be cured with herbs. The answer? YES! Let me explain.

Fibroid, a seven-letter word that sends a cold shiver down the spine of every young woman.

It is a tumor found within the walls of the uterus. Often, it comes in with varying sizes, from as small as a pea to as big as a watermelon. 

Research shows that 80% of women will encounter this before they are 50 years of age. This highlights the main reason why it is becoming every woman`s nightmare.

To cure a fibroid, medical doctors remove the tumor by carrying out surgical operations on the patient. This is the conventional method of curing fibroid but sometimes the successes are undermined by a complete or partial damage of the uterus.

Therefore, there is a need for a safer, cheaper and more reliable approach to the cure. These have prompted a research into some natural herbs and other natural products with a past record of efficacy and effectiveness in preventing and curing fibroid.

The outcome of such research forms the basis of this article -5  natural and home remedies for fibroid. Let me first talk about types of fibroid and its causes.

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  Types of fibroid and its locations


A fibroid is often classified based on the locations of the tumor. The four main classifications of fibroid are;

Subserosal fibroid

This class of fibroid is named subserosal because of the tumor forms on the serosal lining. It may cause your uterus to enlarge on one side though its tumor forms outside the uterus.

Intramural fibroid

This is the most common type of fibroid. In this type of fibroid, the tumor forms inside the muscular wall of the uterus.

Submucosal fibroid

This is the least common type of fibroid. It grows in the myometrium.

Pedunculated fibroid

A pedunculated fibroid is an advanced form of a subserosal fibroid. It often develops a stem on the serosal lining.

Causes of fibroid

There are no known definite causes of fibroid but some influencing factors include;

·       Age- Women who have passed 30 years of age are at a greater risk of developing fibroid than younger women.

·       Gene- Fibroid is often associated with family history. It runs in the family line or family tree. So if any member of your family (nuclear or extended) is suffering from fibroid, you are at risk too.

·       Hormones- Oestrogen and progesterone often play a major role in increasing the risk of a fibroid. The higher the level of estrogen and progesterone, the higher the risk of a fibroid. That is why pregnant women are at a higher risk of fibroid contrary to popular insinuations.

·       High blood pressure- hypertension is another risk factor of a fibroid.

How to know that what you are suffering is a fibroid

You are feeling severe pain in your stomach, back pain, painful sex, and so on. Are you suffering from fibroid?   

To be sure, let me list the symptoms of fibroid before jumping into the herbal and natural remedies for fibroid.

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Symptoms of fibroid

The symptoms of fibroid depend largely on the size of the tumor and the location where it is formed. They are;

·       Back pain

·       Abdominal pain

·       Painful sex

·       Frequent urination

·       Abnormal urination

When a woman reaches menopause, any fibroid they have will disappear. This is caused mainly because of the sharp reduction in the estrogen and progesterone level which are the major hormones causing fibroid.

But, probably you are not anywhere near menopause (you even wish it away) and that is why you are reading this.

You likely want quick relief from fibroid. Here come five herbal and natural remedies for fibroid.

Herbal and natural remedies for fibroid
  Ginger roots
1.  Home Remedies for Fibroid- Roots of ginger

Ginger roots are widely used to reduce inflammation in the uterus. It increases blood circulation and blood flow into the uterus. When talking about herbs that cure fibroid, ginger roots are very much trusted

Green tea

2.  Home Remedies for Fibroid-  Green tea

Green tea is the gold medalist in my list of herbs that cure fibroid even though I mentioned it second. This is to show that the list is in no particular order.

Studies suggest that taking a cup of green tea twice or thrice daily significantly shrink fibroid tumor after a few months.

It contains chemicals that naturally inhibits the growth of fibroid tumor. As an antioxidant, it helps manage the symptoms of fibroid such as inflammation and pressure on the lower abdomen.

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3. Natural Remedies for Fibroid-   Go with garlic

Garlic is another trusted, all-natural remedy for fibroid. Just like green tea, garlic is an antioxidant which discourages the formation and growth of fibroid cells.

But, you know garlic with its strong taste. Most people can`t take it that way. But for me, knowing its health benefits, I don`t mind the taste! But if you can`t, just mix it with honey. It tastes better. There is no particular dosage, but, 3- 5 cloves daily is ok.

4. Natural Remedies for Fibroid-   More vegetables

Some have the notion that no amount of vegetables is too much. Though this can`t totally be correct, the importance of vegetables to our health can`t be overemphasized. 

Studies show that more consumption of green leafy vegetables not only helps to cure fibroid but also serves as an immunization against fibroid.

Vegetables such as cabbage, pumpkin leaves, okra, tomatoes and fruit like apple are my first choice.

These contain vitamin k which helps manage fibroid symptoms by controlling menstruation bleeding. They also have high fiber content which helps remove excess estrogen from the body of women.

Not only its effectiveness in managing or preventing fibroid earned its position among the top five natural and herbal remedies for fibroid but, its overall health benefits. 

  Apple cider vinegar
5. Home Remedies for Fibroid-   Use Apple cider vinegar

Though this is not actually a herb, it is another effective all-natural remedy for fibroid. I added it to my list of natural and herbal remedies for fibroid because of it age long efficacy in fat loss and weight reduction.

As weight gain is often associated with a fibroid, Apple cider vinegar is believed to shrink fibroid tumors as it helps the body shed some pounds. It is also a natural remedy for the removal of toxins from the body.

Things to Avoid If You are suffering from fibroid

For effective treatment of fibroid, there are 5 things to avoid. They include;

·       Refined sugar

·       Fatty foods

·       Caffeinated drinks

·       Too much alcohol

·       Processed carbohydrates

This is so as to detoxify your body and discourage the formation of a fibroid tumor.

Now, your turn


With this list of natural remedies for fibroid, you now have information that can make fibroid a thing of the past when applied. But, this does not replace medical counseling from a doctor. You can even inform them of your use of those herbs.

Now, your turn! Do you know about any other natural and herbal cure for fibroid? Do you have some questions regarding the article? Your comments and shares are always appreciated.

It is advisable to contact your doctor before taking any treatment option. These home remedies for fibroid may be all you need to get rid of fibroid tumors.

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