Home Remedies for Weight Loss; 15 Herbs That work like Magic

Using these home remedies for weight loss is the best way i recommend to get rid of excess fat fast and safe

Why are you here reading about home remedies for weight loss? Are you over weight? or, is any of your loved one feeling the pain?

Whether you are here for your self or for a friend, you are welcome to the right place.

If you want to lose weight, there are many herbs and home remedies you can trust to do the job. It is safe (even safer than many orthodox medicines), cheap and above all, effective.


In this article, we will be discussing 15 most trusted home remedies for weight loss.

In this article, I will be sharing some great tips on how to use these herbs and spices to lose weight, but if you even want a clinically proven product that is more effective in rapid weight loss, I highly recommend a slimming tea These guys are experts on the issue of weight loss and this product is superb.

 But why lose weight? What are the risks of being overweight?

What are the risks of being overweight?

Being too fat or overweight is never a sign of a healthy body. In fact, it is on the contrary.

Overweight has been linked to various diseases like high blood pressure, stroke, excess heat, diabetes, and arthritis.



Ignorance has actually ruined many people`s health, and you don`t have to be among them.


So, always try to keep your weight in check with the right diet and lifestyle. Check the table below for what to eat and what to avoid in preventing weight gain

S/N Things to avoid/limit Things to eat/do
1. Starchy, junk, and fatty foods   (limit) Fruits and vegetables
2. Late meals (especially heavy meals)  …(avoid) Eat heavy meals early enough(2-3 hours before going to bed)
3. Little or no exercise (avoid)   Frequent aerobic and anaerobic exercise
4. Overeating (avoid) Eat less



The table is more of preventive measures, but in the ugly incidence of overweight, these herbs below have been used by many with amazing success rates




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Natural and home remedies for weight loss


 Now let us go into the business of the day. It is also good to note that though all these are 100% natural ingredients, not all the home remedies here are herbs.


  1.Home Remedies for Weight Loss-   Aloe vera

The powerful herb from North Africa is indeed a rare gift of nature from God almighty.




It prides itself as a herbal remedy to many common diseases and also as a natural antibiotic. Among its many health benefits, aloe vera is very effective in aiding weight loss.




It helps in detoxifying the body, boosting metabolism, and repairing the body.



All of this amazing health benefits can be obtained by taking fresh aloe vera gels, juice or you can buy aloe vera extracts from grocery stores, health and wellness shops or online.




Most people have this amazing herb at home, but if you don`t, now is the time to consider planting it at your home.




For those that do have it, you can take one teaspoon of aloe vera gel dissolved in a cup of warm water each morning.




This helps digestion and promotes rapid weight loss a great deal.




  2.  Home Remedies for weight loss- Hibiscus

Don`t add sweeteners

Hibiscus, The red flower often used in making juice is another all-natural remedy for weight loss.




This is how it works. You know overweight is often as a result of overeating.



The more food you take, the more calorie and definitely, the more weight you gain.



So any product, food or herb that helps to limit or lower your urge for food is directly saving you from being overweight. This is actually where hibiscus comes into play.



Hibiscus juice reduces hunger and also makes you feel full for longer. It contains an enzyme called phaseolamin which limits the production of a carbohydrate-digesting enzyme called amylase.



This amylase helps break down carbohydrates into simple sugar. So, when the production of amylase is limited by phaseolamin (which is present in hibiscus), the amount of sugar present in the body reduces drastically thereby preventing weight gain.



You can easily make hibiscus juice yourself by following this simple procedure;

       Boil some dried hibiscus flower in a pot with a proportional quantity of water for about 10 minutes.


Slice some fresh pineapple and add it to the boiling flower and bring the pot down immediately.


Let it cool and then sieve. Now your juice is ready. The purpose of the pineapple is to taste. Some add flavors but you can do better by making it 100% natural.




  3.  Herb for weight loss- Cardamom

Cardamom is very effective in burning fat, preventing bloating and getting rid of excess gas.



Its effectiveness can be attested to by the Indians, who have been using it for generations to treat obesity.




To make a cardamom tea yourself, just add a cardamom powder to a cup of water and boil for three minutes.



Bring it down and add green tea. Then allow it to cool. Strain and drink.




It gets rid of excess weight fast. Or you can choose to buy one online.



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Green tea

  4.Home Remedies for weight loss-   Green tea


When it comes to herbal remedies for weight loss, green tea has a special spot.




It is an amazing antioxidant that stimulates fat burning and boosts metabolism.




It also reduces the urge for food thereby limiting the intake of calories which is directly responsible for weight gain.



To make green tea, follow this procedure;



Add a cup of hot water to one tablespoon of green tea and allow it to cool. Sieve it and your tea is ready.



It can also be gotten at grocery stores, at health and wellness shops or preferably online.



 To make it more effective, take 1 cup 30 minutes before each meal. Three-time daily.


  5.  Home Remedies for weight loss- Garlic


You probably know garlic and its many amazing health benefits. But, have you heard of its effectiveness in aiding weight loss? If no is your answer, then you have missed its main selling point -so to speak.



When it comes to burning fat, it is super-amazing.



 When it comes to suppressing hunger, it is excellent.

When it comes to boosting metabolism, it is fabulous.



I eat raw garlic. You too can do the same (like 2 cloves daily).


But if its repugnant smell is too strong for you, just add some natural honey to mashed cloves of garlic. The one you mashed yourself.



Take 2 tablespoons twice daily and you will be less concerned about being overweight.




  6.   Herbal Remedies for weight loss-Ginseng


I am a huge fan of this amazing herb.


Ginseng is popular around the world for its many health benefits, though it is more popular in the Asian continent than any other part of the world.



Ginseng has been used for centuries in preventing chronic diseases, lowering high blood pressure, preventing high cholesterol, reducing blood sugar, burn belly fat, boost the immune system, and more interestingly, reduces weight.




It also aids food digestion and boosts metabolism. All this helps to lose weight rapidly.

To make ginseng tea yourself, Boil half a liter of water, add a little measure of ginseng extract and leave it to cool.


After it must have cooled, sieve and your tea will be ready. Many, who use this herb, also add lime juice to make it more effective and also to enhance the taste. You too can consider doing same.



Preferably, you can get a ginseng extract at herbal and natural health shops, at grocery stores or online. This can come in either liquid or powdered form.


   7.Natural Remedies for weight loss-   Cinnamon

Cinnamon is another all-natural remedy for weight loss. It helps to reduce blood sugar level, blood pressure, high cholesterol, and also suppress appetite.


It helps to remove toxins from the body, helps boost metabolism, and also prevents bloating.


You can make cinnamon tea by following this procedure;


Soak some quantity of cinnamon bark in water overnight and drink the next day. Always drink it early in the morning daily for 3-4 weeks. This reduces weight rapidly.



But if you have cinnamon powder instead of its bark, add 3 tablespoons of it to a cup of hot water and drink it when it is still warm to get your desired result quicker.



You can also get cinnamon online. It is better to take Ceylon cinnamon instead of cassia cinnamon.


  8. Home Remedies for weight loss-  Pepper


I often laugh out loud when I hear people say that pepper has no or little health benefits. It can be because of ignorance or because of outright displeasure of its taste. But, let`s get the fact straight.



Pepper is actually a spice, not a herb. But it is another all-natural remedy for weight loss. It creates heat in the body thereby stimulating the body to burn fat.


Some components of pepper like piperine and capsaicin help in preventing the formation of fats in the body and also dissolve fat tissues.



Any species of pepper is recommended but especially, black pepper and cayenne pepper. You can generously add them to your meals or drinks to your taste and get your desired result.



  9.  Herb for weight loss- Turmeric

This is also a spice that has been used for centuries by the Indians in preparing meals. It contains a component called curcumin which is an amazing fat burner.


It reduces body weight not only by virtue of it being a fat burner but, it also reduces cholesterol level in the body and sugar levels too.



To get the most out of this wonderful spice, use it always in preparing your meals. You can equally add it to any natural drink of your choice and drink it daily.


  10. Natural Remedies for weight loss-     Neem tree

Taking neem daily is another effective, natural method of reducing weight. It`s anti-inflammatory properties help boost metabolism and also burn fat.

To prepare this herb, boil some quantity of the leave for about 10 minutes. Allow it to steep. Then, strain and drink.


Mash some leaves and add it to a cup of warm water. Stir very well and sieve. Then, your drink is ready. Do this daily and watch your weight going down ↘↘.


  11.  Herbal Remedies for weight loss  –   Ginger


No doubt, you have been expecting to see ginger in this list after seeing the likes of garlic and pepper-its closest ally.


Yes, ginger is another amazing herb that helps speed up the rate the body burns calorie. It reduces the urge for food by suppressing appetite. It has been used to fight obesity with some interesting success rate recorded.



You can chew fresh ginger, add them to your drinks, make ginger tea or buy a ginger extract at health and wellness shop or order online. It is also advisable to add them to your meals daily as a spice.



  12.   Herbal Remedies for weight loss-      Fenugreek


Fenugreek helps fight obesity by lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, burning fat, treating inflammation and preventing constipation. It is available in many health stores or online.

After you must have gotten your fenugreek, soak 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seed in 1 cup of water before going to bed and leave it overnight. Then drink first thing tomorrow morning before eating anything. This helps burn fat rapidly.


  13.    Herb for weight loss-      Dandelion

Dandelion is another amazing herb that vigorously fights against weight gain. It reduces hunger and eating frequency by slowing down the digestion process.


It prevents overeating, in extension, weight gain.



To make a dandelion tea, add a teaspoon of dandelion powder to a cup of very hot water and allow it to steep for about 10 minutes.



Then drink.


Repeat this daily, preferably in the morning. You can get them in the market or online.



It comes in two type-fresh or powdered. Any of them is effective in fighting obesity naturally.


Drink more water and flush out some excess toxins

14.Home Remedies for Weight loss-Water

This seems like the most popular home remedy for weight loss in this post (and any other one ever written on the topic-weight loss). It is one that we can`t forget in a hurry.



Water helps to flush toxic wastes from the body, aids digestion and helps in the proper functioning of the human body system. And the good news is, it is everywhere.


No standard quantity is required, it all depends on your environment and work. 

You can even get yourself a smart watch that can remind you when to drink water daily so you don`t forget


  15.     Home Remedies for weight loss-       Rosemary



This is of course not the least on my list of natural and home remedies for overweight even though I included it last.


Rosemary is a powerful herb that has proved its effectiveness in preventing weight gain over a period of time.



It contains lipase -an enzyme that breaks fat molecules in the human body.



It prevents frequent hunger pangs by keeping one full for long by virtue of its rich fiber content.




Fresh rosemary is as effective as dried powdered rosemary.



And so, you can use either of them to achieve your desired result. You can use any of them to make a tea or get it in capsule form at health stores or online.


As regards dosage, take 400 mg of rosemary capsule thrice daily.



Your own turn!

All these herbs have been used by many to reduce overweight, and so, it has a very high possibility of helping you too.




But since success in using these ingredients to lose weight partly depends on limiting your fat intake thereby limiting your food choices, I highly recommend you get a slimming tea



It allows you to lose weight quickly, effectively and safely whilst still enabling you to enjoy your choicest foods. 



We hope this article helps you to achieve your desired result but it can only be possible if you apply its suggestions.



Many people who wanted to lose weight never did. Because they did not even start.



I believe you will not be among them.



These home remedies for weight loss is not in any way replacing professional health recommendations and advice. 




 Do you have any other suggestion? Please leave us a comment. And please use the share button below to share the article on social media platforms.

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