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Find Top 10 Nausea Remedies for Quick Relief

Nausea is the painful, awful feeling you experience in your stomach that makes you want to vomit. Nausea most times is caused by bad odor, digestive problem, pregnancy or a virus. In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 natural remedies for nausea. But keep in mind that some of them take time before it`s effect will be felt.

The main reason why nausea occurs is still somehow mysterious. But one thing we all know is that we hate nausea and want an end to it. Because of this fact, when nausea strikes, the first thing many people consider is OTC (over the counter) medicine. Just like anyone else, I don`t have any issue with that but I just want to share some trusted alternative-natural and home remedies for nausea.

Varieties of situations can cause or influence nausea. And understanding the cause of your nausea is half the cure. It is helpful for determining the most appropriate treatment option to adopt- Herbal medicine or orthodox medicine.

Before adopting any of them as a treatment option for your nausea, make sure you consult your doctor for proper counseling on the best option suitable for you. And also to get a professional info on their possible interaction with other medications that you may be taking.

To be plain and simple, I personally prefer an herbal option in treating my nausea. Here are my reasons;

·       It is cheaper

·       It is more effective

And, it is safer- especially for pregnant women

 Natural and home remedies for nausea

Here come my top 10 natural remedies for nausea that have proven to be super effective over time

     1.  Nausea remedies-Chamomile tea
chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is one of the nausea remedies that has proved to be very effective and efficacious. 

Chamomile tea is often regarded as the most widely used herbal remedy for nausea. Its efficacy in the treatment of nausea accounts for its high popularity.

 One thing that is always hard and almost impossible to do while suffering from nausea which is key to quick relieve is sleep. This is where this herbal tea comes into play. It does not only make it possible to sleep but easy too. Chamomile tea is also an effective herbal remedy for anxiety.

Chamomile tea can be gotten at most natural health stores, herbal stores or preferably online. Or, you can even make your own chamomile tea by pouring a quantity of hot water over a quantity of chamomile flowers and allow to steep for 6-10 minutes. And your tea is ready!

2.Nausea Remedies-Ginger
ginger-is another-natural-remedy-for-nausea

Use ginger to fight your nausea. It is a powerful ally

Ginger is another heavyweight herb that is widely used in the treatment of nausea. A study released in 2012 shows that ginger`s ability to cure nausea is a result of its antiemetic abilities.

More researches are still being conducted to totally verify this claim. There have been concerns about how safe the consumption of dried or fresh ginger can be for pregnant women. But commenting on that, experts said it is safe.

According to Lauren Richter, an assistant professor of family and community medicine at the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland School of medicine in Baltimore “Ginger is an excellent treatment for nausea, especially in pregnancy”.

It is a safe and reliable way to relieve nausea symptoms during pregnancy.

Other studies suggest that it is also a reliable treatment option for post-operative and chemotherapy-related nausea.

In 2012, a study conducted on integrative cancer therapies found out that out of 100 women with breast cancer, those who took ginger following chemotherapy are less nauseous in the first 6-24 hours after treatment than the other group.

For quick relieve from nausea, just eat a small piece of fresh ginger or take a ginger tea. You can find ginger tea or candy at grocery stores, herbal store and online.

Just like a piece of advice from “Make sure you opt for all-natural ginger ale or chop up some fresh ginger root and make a tea”

Using ginger is also one of the 15 easy ways to lose weight fast

Our top choices and recommendation is

   Fresh ginger root

 3.Nausea Remedies-   Herbal bitters

A cocktail bitters mixed with ginger ale makes a good natural remedy for nausea. Most bitters are combinations of quality herbs that help heal nausea. Herbs like mint, fennel, ginger, and cinnamon. You can add aloe vera, it`s still okay.

 Our favorites are: Peychaud’s Bitters and Angostura Aromatic Bitters

   4.Nausea Remedies-  Peppermint
peppermint can help you stop nausea. HOW? Click To Tweet

Researchers may have discovered an alternative cure to nausea in peppermint oil. One study on its effectiveness on women who had just given birth through cesarean section found that those who inhaled peppermint smell had a lower level of nausea than those given anti-nausea medications.

Another study showed that inhaling peppermint oil at the onset of nausea reduced its symptoms by 44% just within 2 minutes of treatment.

Commenting on peppermint effectiveness in nausea treatment, Richter says “Its calming effect relaxes your stomach so that bile can break down fats and food can move quickly through the stomach”. “Peppermint (both its oil and its leaves) is wonderful for nausea-he added.

There are many ways to take this herb; as tea, in capsule form, and its oil can also be used for aromatherapy. When using the oil for aromatherapy it is recommended to dilute it with vegetable oil for safe application.

You can get it online or at health and wellness shops.

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   5. Nausea Remedies- Lemon


The smell from a freshly cut lemon helps reduce nausea significantly

In one study, a group of pregnant women was told to inhale either almond oil or a lemon as soon as they felt nauseous. At the end of the study, those who inhaled lemon recorded a 9% decrease in their nausea than those who inhaled almond oil.

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This can be the best nausea treatment alternative to use when outside your home as lemon can be gotten almost anywhere. From the open market to fruit markets to grocery shops and so on.

When you have gotten one, just slice it or peel the back and inhale its released essential oil. That may be the end of your nausea.

   6. Nausea Remedies- Acupressure or Acupuncture

Acupressure is another method of treating nausea often used by therapists (though it can still be done at home). In acupressure, physical pressure is applied to a particular point of the body to reduce pain. According to some experts, this may be the best nausea treatment option for pregnant women who are advised to avoid most drugs.  

It is also an effective nausea treatment option for those undergoing cancer treatments. For instance, a recent review of the effectiveness of acupressure in cancer treatment reveals that it reduces the risk of developing nausea after a surgical operation by up to 75%.

It also lowers the risk of developing it after chemotherapy.

Similarly, acupuncture, a method whereby some thin needles are inserted into some specific points on the body, has been used for generations by the Chinese community for treating nausea naturally. It works like acupressure in stimulating a point of the body but through needles instead of pressures.

 How does acupuncture work to ease nausea?

There have always been some hanging theories about how these techniques work in easing nausea. But, one of those theories or hypothesis rather, has survived a test of time.

It is believed that needles help to stimulate some certain nerve fibers in the body, and those nerves send signals to the brain and the spinal cord to release hormones that help ease nausea and other pains.

In cancer treatment, acupuncture has been found to be either more effective or as effective as other medications. A study published in Gynecologic Oncology in January 2015 revealed that acupuncture reduces or stops the need for anti-nausea medicines after chemotherapy.

Some studies conducted on this reveal that both techniques are safer though as effective as conventional anti-nausea medicines in reducing nausea.

So you can understand why I included acupressure and acupuncture in my top 10 natural and home remedies for nauseaThey are all scientifically proven methods of reducing nausea.

Let me leave you with Richter`s advice

“If you decide to adopt acupuncture as your nausea treatment option, make sure you employ the service of a licensed, professional acupuncturist.”

   7.Nausea remedies-   Vitamin B6 supplements

Experts recommend taking vitamin B6 supplements for pregnant women who are having mild-nausea.

Its popularity is rising on the increasing demand to avoid anti-nausea medications for treating pregnant women.

Several studies (though not many) report success with the use of such supplements also known as pyridoxine in treating nausea in pregnant women.

I might not be much excited about this particular option because it is less popular than the others, but because it has no side effects, you might do well to try it.

  8.  Natural Nausea Remedies- The three spices

Cumin extract, fennel powder, and cinnamon are the three spices with proven effectiveness in fighting nausea naturally. They are all backed by anecdotal evidence and also enjoy some scientific backing.

Cumin extract helps to ease nausea as well as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and even constipation.

Fennel powder, on the other hand, helps to reduce pains associated with menstruation, with nausea inclusive.

Cinnamon also shares a similar function with fennel powder when it comes to nausea treatment. It helps to reduce the severity of nausea in menstruating women.

Though these spices made the list of my top 10 natural and home remedies for nausea, owing to the fact that many have used them with successful results, but few studies exist to support or verify these claims.

But more is needed before we can arrive at a conclusion.

I personally recommend this method only as a prevention technique but I don`t recommend this particular method if your intention is to cure an already existing nausea.

This is because, for it to be effective in curing nausea, a large dosage of about 180 mg to 420 mg is required per day. It will be extremely difficult to achieve this through normal everyday use of the spice. It will just be like spending $3 to earn $2.That’s a bad business. Not so?

It is the same thing with these spices. It may be harder to take in that mega-dosage than to cope with nausea

   9.Natural Nausea Remedies-   Aromatherapy

The scent of an environment can also be used as an effective natural and home remedy for nausea. This is where aromatherapy comes in. It involves the use of scents therapeutically for managing stress and anxiety.

In a study published in Anesthesia and Analgesia in September 2013, some surgical patients were asked to inhale one of the three aromatherapy treatments; a blend of oil containing peppermint, spearmint, a blend of ginger and cardamom essential oils; ginger essential oil; and isopropyl alcohol.

The result? Patients who inhaled either the blend of essential oil or the ginger had their nausea significantly reduced when compared with the group who inhaled isopropyl alcohol.

Commenting on this, Richter mentioned earlier says “you can place a drop of essential oil on a paper and inhale the scent whenever you feel nauseous”

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You can also dilute it with vegetable oil to avoid irritation or side reaction and use it for massage therapy.

       10.Natural Nausea Remedies-    Take Breathing Exercise

Taking a deep, slow breath is another all-natural remedy for nausea. This method is often used in conjunction with aromatherapy.

In a study, researchers tried to find out which aromatherapy scent was most effective in curing nausea after surgery.

Participants were advised to take three slow breaths through the nose in presence of various scents.

After the exercise, it was discovered that all the participants had reduced nausea, including even those in the placebo group.

 With this, the researchers concluded that controlled breathing might have been behind the decrease in nausea.

In another study, participants were told to inhale through their nose to a count of three, exhale after a count of three and to a count of three.

In this last study, it was confirmed that controlled breathing significantly reduced nausea up to 62% of cases.

At this point, I will like to say that I`m happy to help you with my top 10 nausea remedies to get rid of nausea. No doubt you too are. But don`t be too excited because your nausea may be on its way of coming back if you do not stick to some habits.

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Now, here are some do`s and don`ts for nausea

Conforming to these tips here will decrease the possibility of developing nausea or even help to relieve it.


  • Eat more protein: Food rich in protein help fight nausea than fatty foods. So eat more of beans, soya, and kinds of seafood.
  • Take in more fluids: Nausea often becomes worse due to dehydration. Think of this, is it possible to be nauseous without being dehydrated? Well, to help you with that, think of this too; is it possible for a leaking pot to maintain the level of its fluid content if it continues leaking?

That is it, nausea is often accompanied by vomiting and you need to replace those lost fluids. So drink more fluids-water, vegetable broth, fresh juice, etc

  • Exercise more: Exercise is often regarded as the best immunization for most illnesses. That is true. Its health benefits are almost endless and nausea remedy is just one of them


  • Avoid iron: Iron supplements should be avoided. Especially for pregnant women who already have a normal iron level. They worsen nausea.
  • Avoid pungent smell: Strong smells generally worsens nausea. So, run from them.
  • Do not lie down immediately after eating: If you have the habit of lying down within 60 minutes of eating, you may do well to stop it right now. It increases reflux thereby making you feel nauseous.
  • Don`t eat it all: Be selective in what you eat and don`t eat too much. Eat more foods like bananas, rice, potatoes as they will prevent stomach upset.

                             Bottom line

Though nausea can be a terrible experience, applying these natural tips and using these natural remedies can help reduce, relieve and even cure nausea without you ever having to buy any medications for nausea

But after applying all these tips and your nausea persists (though unlikely), seek medical attention from medical professionals.

  Your turn

How do you see the natural nausea remedies that made my top 10 list? Do you have any other recommendations? Please tell us in the comment box. And don`t forget to share.

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